"Linen manufactures since the old times"
The classical beauty and quality of the linen and MakÚ cotton, in the offer of the "F.lli Graziano",
get together with the search of modern structural and aesthetic solutions, of grat value.

Graziano means linen, mixed linen and cotton household linen,
the wide range of products on offer goes from the classical linen to the youthful,
modern cottons, both solid color and jacquard which are colourful and trendy.
Graziano also means furnishing fabric, original and with a touch of class,
like the flourishing big jacquard cloths.

Tradition | Linen and cotton | Household linen and needlework cloths | Satin-wrappers

Linen is a way of life. 156 years of tradition in the craftmanship put into working on the best quality flaxes and raw materials as well as hours of meticulous work carried out by expert and patient hands go into every Graziano fabric. Linen is the fabric for those people who love to be sorrounded by sheer beauty and close-to-hand elegance, who know how to pick out the subtle charm of things that last through time and who live in harmony with their surroundings.

The quality meets the eye right away because Graziano products are made with meticulous care for small particular features and for rthe richness in detail as well as for the richness and the precision in cutting.
Graziano style uses modern taste to go back to classical design and is the outstanding best in giving a shape to elegance. Linen becomes colourful with the bright jacquard workmanship or classical with the embroidery and the Sangal lacework, so that everyone can find what he or she wants.

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